Friday, June 24, 2011


Take A Look At Shogun
Take a look at

See the complete library of Shogun movies, downloadable clips to own, softcover books, and downloadable books.
DVDs Featuring Shogun
Primal Man Shogun! Nude Acrobat
Shogun Acrobat Masseur

Photo Books Featuring Shogun
Male Nude Photography- Asian Shogun Nude Masseur

Male Nude Photography- Asian Shogun Nude Masseur
Japanese master masseur Shogun, performs his craft in the nude. Video stills from the DVD Shogun Nude Acrobat Masseur. Full frontal duo male nudity, 42 pages, color from video.
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Primal Man Shogun! Nude AcrobatSpend the morning waking up with Shogun and doing some aerobics. Do you have a trapese swing in your apartment?
Then, Shogun's friend comes over for a nude massage. And shower...
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Asian Nude Male Clips

Ang Lei Back Massage #1

Daniel Takahashi Front Massage #1

Joe Cannon Back Massage #1
Available as Flash (.flv) video!

Mike Reddev Back Massage #1

Paul Whiting Front Massage #1

Shogun Front Massage #5
Available as Flash (.flv) video!

Asian Nude Male DVDs

Quick Links to Male Nude and Erotic DVDs, Books and Clips Shopping Carts:

Ang Lei's First Time with Josh Catchings 
19 year old Taiwan hottie Ang Lei has only bottomed once before, and NEVER topped before. French gym guy Josh Catchings help's out on both!
An hour of fun as both suck each other off, then fuck long and hard to a very sticky conclusion!

Daddies Boi Blow Job Ang Lei 
19 year old Ang Lei from Taiwan wants to try out for the Swimming Team at the University! He meets up with Coach Karl in the Locker Room for some Jock Coach blow job fun!

Hanging Loose With Dantes 
Asian hottie Dantes had a great workout sessions doing laps in the pool. He comes back tot he locker room and trades his Speedo for au natural. After cooling down, he finds a comfortable chair in the Coach's Office and jacks off.

Massage & JO Asian Diskiie Blows Coach Karl
Japanese star soccer player Diskiie visits the Coach for some personal training. After blowing the Coach, Diskiie gets a welcomed massage and takes a hot shower.